Sound In My Story?

Hey everyone! I recently published my story and I’m think of adding sounds. I don’t usually have my volume up when I’m reading people’s stories but I feel like most people do. Do you think I should add sounds and music, just sound effects, or no sound at all?

  • Sound Effects + Music
  • Just Sound Effects
  • No Sound

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Take it from someone who has no sound in my current main story.

I get so many complaints and bad scoring in reviews because of noise. Lol

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just sound effects

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Since u like sounds, just use sound effects.

I think that music can really add more dimension into the story. Sounds can effectively change readers emotions, make them scared, touched or excited --> for me it’s a good thing.
So, I think that it could be really helpful and make your story more interesting. But it’s your decision after all :thinking:


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