Sound in stories


Do you prefer having sound and music in stories or not having any at all?


I don’t care😅 but if there isn’t sound , it should be indicated verbally ,like bell rings in narration


I prefer sound. Without it, it just feels like there’s something missing.


Hahaha same I was just wondering because nearly every story has it but I read stories with my volume off.


Me too😂 I read in public places😉can’t put volume on


:joy: I have Spotify on over it.


But there are many readers out there love sounds and music with Episode :thinking:
(Spotify? Is it related to spot :thinking:)


Yeah I know that’s why I’m debating whether or not to add in into my story. :confused:


Lol, I didn’t add in mine​:sweat_smile: though I get many saying , I should :sweat:
But I don’t think it’s needed , so maybe add only when it’s needed :thinking:


Yeah I might add sounds then think about it I guess :slight_smile:




It sounded good idea🤔
come back if you need help or just want to chat😂(i love to chat🤗)


Hahaha what’s your Instagram?


Haha , I deleted that a year ago​:joy: but I will be always (literally always :sweat_smile:) on forum , you can pm me anytime


Ahh ok cool :slight_smile:


I don’t really like sound lol I always put my volume on mute :sweat_smile: but I’m writing a story too and I don’t know if I should add sound


I’m thinking of using sounds here and there just to see I don’t know how many people actually mind it


Definitely prefer. It brings a story to life especially if used well


IDK I think I would give the reader a choice if they want sound,you can remember choices.


I rarely have my sound up, so I don’t really care either way.

There’s only one story I’ve written with sound (and a few I’ve just used some sound effects, but I don’t count that as using sound) and I regret it because it’s so hard to find the right sound and then to test it out and all that.