Sound in stories


I think I might just do sound effects


I prefer sound in stories, for example in sad scenes, when they add sad music, it actually helps make me sad.


I love the sound I don’t think I’d read a story with no sound lol it keeps me entertained during the story


I love sounds on episode story because it adds that mood and vibe to your story but there are some stories that abuse the usage of sounds


I never read stories with the sound on and to be honest, if a story starts with ‘this story uses sound’ I always mute it. It always seems really random to me to have sound effects going on when the characters can’t be heard talking, it somehow doesn’t feel right. I usually find that if the story has been written well enough, it doesn’t need sound anyway as it is gripping enough without it. All of that being said, I’m writing my first story for Episode and debating whether to put sound in it. It all just seems like too much extra coding at the moment that I can’t be bothered with, considering it is all very new to me with even some of the basic coding.


Omg same… rn I’m having trouble with some of the coding and by adding sound might be more complicated but maybe I’ll try a adding sound here and there…


I like sound. It makes it really seem like you are watching a tv show or a movie and therefore really makes the stories come to life.