SOUND: May we please have more character noises?

:thinking: So, here is what I am reeeally asking about:

Surrounding noises

  • I noticed that there are THREE alarm_danger sounds, so I can’t use them for anything. There are actually many repetitive noises that seems odd.

  • There have been noisy neighbors having parties next door, but there are no noisy neighbors mowing their lawn outside my window. I kinda miss that, now. LOL

  • Airplanes that can be heard from my office window, or maybe I am on the airplane. Pilot or passenger. What can you and I hear?

  • Are there any fireworks with music or not?

Human noises

  • I notice that there is a sound called, baby_crying, but there are no cute baby laughs or noises.

  • There are the mmmkiss_female, 3 different female screams, 2 different female crying sounds, 2 different female laughs, and a yawn_female sound. For the guys, there are no laughing sounds, only 1 scream sound, I am not sure about kissing sounds for guys, no yawning sounds, and no crying sounds. Guys do cry, and it would be nice to have this.

  • There are no sneezing and wheezing sounds for colds or horror stories either… Or when a character runs and they are just too out of shape. The character hasn’t even reached the first step on the stairs and they are already tired. :rofl:

  • No funny noises, comments, or wails: snap of a finger, the weird sound we make when hitting our funny bone or hitting our pinkie toe on something, snort laughing and snoring, those soft and cute sleeping noises, and etc, and etc, and etc. Someone comes to push me away for suggesting so many things. lol

  • The talk_greet_female and the spokenfemale_hey are the same. Also, they sound cut off in the beginning, don’t they? But the one for males sound beautiful, gentle and fully recorded.

Animal Noise

  • Even though animals were just added, there are no animal sounds like a bunny eating a carrot, or a cats meow in high or low pitch, and there are no dog sounds either.

  • Birds are not in episode, but a nice tune with morning chips would be nice. I mean, I know we already have one with nice music, but I mean something romantic or sad for special moments at the park or somewhere that maybe outside. Or, even those sounds when the sunrise and the character is laying next to their significant other, the birds chirp and a gentle harp piano or violin plays with it. And, I know that there are ambient bird chirps by itself, but what about ambient chirps that can be heard from indoors - like int_birdchirps_office/bedroom? Some offices do not have cubicles and may have large windows. Some are inside houses too. Speaking of houses, some of them are in areas that have a large variety of birds around them. Image a character sitting next to a window and doing their homework. What do they hear around them while they’re thinking? Nothing or the wind and the birds from their open window? I noticed there were “no birds in the park” sound too. The closet sound that I can use for the park makes the scene sound more like the jungle, doesn’t it?

Basically, It would be really nice to just have more character noises. These are just some ideas, not necessarily suggestions. But, these ideas could bring more to the stories, especially when they fit and sound well with specific scenes.

:blush: May we please be blessed, using your sound making techniques technology and knowledge, with more character sounds? :heart_eyes:

:thought_balloon: these are mostly sounds with no music in the background type of suggestions, but it’s in your power to add that if you want.

:heart: Please check out Clarkies and her suggestions for breathing, burping and farting: SOUND: Farting maybe Burping too & SOUND: Breathing

:heart: And, check out Vivainah’s suggestion, animation_sneezing: ANIMATION : sneezing

:heart: Weather sounds from Drama_Queen3899: Sound: weather sounds





Fully support!!! Many authors use sounds to give their stories more dimension


Support!!! 1000000%

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