Sound/music help!

Hi, I’m having a little trouble in my story. I added music, but it’s not playing. The sound codes work, but not music.
The code is green, so it’s recognized and there are no errors when I save.
Has this happened to anyone else? It only seems to be in certain scenes.

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Did you lower the volume in your script at any point before?

I did! I originally thought that was the problem, but I removed it.
I even checked on a different computer and it’s still the same.

Would you mind posting your script? It might be something else.

It doesn’t want to let me paste it. Can i message you or something? lol

That’s fine!

How do I do that? Lol. I’m new here.

Lol it’s ok. Click on my profile pic and the message button should be at the top

Omg, I can’t find it. lol. I’m so sorry! Can you message me??

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When you figure out the problem, can you please message or reply to me!? I’m having this problem too!

Yes, so I’ve discovered that if you turn down music, you have to turn it back up. The girl that helped me, said to type volume 50 0 first.