Sound/music HELP

Hello everyone, I just published my story for the first time ever. How ever the sound is really low. I only had it to be low in the third episode because it was suppose to be the tv in the back ground. Some how every sound is really low in all the chapters. But this wasn’t an issue when i was actually coding it, and when i reviewed it, it was fine. but now that its published its not. what can i do to fix this? also it seem that the music is transferring over to the next chapter, which is weird. the one song wasn’t even playing in the first episode so i deleted it, but it some how decided to play in the second episode. the club music at the end of episode 2 is playing in the beginning of episode three and doesn’t stop til i get to the scene with the tv playing in the background i’m really confused as to why this is happening… please help

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Hello, if you did the coding right i mean you wrote music/sound off at the end of the episode; it’s more likely to be a glitch. When i try to test my own story like a reader from my phone, it happens. You can restart your story and read from profile section, not create section. I hope this helps let me know :slight_smile:

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well the music part i fixed but the sound is still really low. i had my friends check it out and the didn’t notice that there was sound just the music. so it probably is a glitch, but its not fixing it self which sucks since its my first story ever…but it is what it is

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Try changing your volume manually

Volume music as loud as you want seconds


volume music 50 0

So volume will be at 50% in 0 seconds
Second go by 1000 so 1 second would be 1000
2 seconds would be 2000, etc

That’s if you want the music to fade in or out if you want it to start automatically just put 0

You can turn music off the same way just put

volume music 0 0

Or volume music 0 1000 or 2000 how ever long you want the fade of music to be

Wil this work for a sound effect?