Sound & Music not working on App

Is anyone experiencing certain sounds not working on the Episode app?

I like to preview my story on the app as well as previewing it on the Episode portal, however I’ve noticed that door_close/door_slam/door_click don’t work further down my story on the App. I have door_slam at the very start of my story which it works, however when I’ve used it in the rest of the story, it doesn’t.

This also goes for text and ring sounds. I have a scene were the phone is ringing and I’ve done this is in my other story which worked, but for some reason it rings on the first one, but stops.

Sounds and music work on the portal and I am using sound off and music off.

I have asked Episode and if I’m honest, they’re no help whatsoever.

Try typing volume sound 100 0 before each sound effect that will not play.

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I didn’t know you could change the volume of the music/sounds. This is news lol!

Would I just put this on the line below the sound?

sound door_slam
volume sound 100 0

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Put the sound effect after the volume thing



Thank you so much. :relaxed:

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