Sound/Music Off In game

So, here I am trying to put on my own music on spotify. Then I go on episode trying to play it with my music. I can’t listen to my music because it is mixed in with the music in game. I also can’t find a “Mute Sound” button or “Music Off” button. PLEASE HELP! ASAP!!!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to turn off the sound when you play someone’s story.

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Hi @Phoenixfromheaven and welcome to the forums! It looks as if @Henn_F17 and @Dara.Amarie were kind enough to help you out with this <3 . I went ahead and moved this topic to the Episode Fan Community as this is not feedback for the forums or a bug. For more info on where to correctly create topics on the forums please review our forum tutorial. And for any forum related questions please feel free to reach out to either myself or our forum moderator @Sydney_H. Thanks and have a great rest of the weekend :peace_symbol::v: