Sound not playing

There were numerous sounds which I added that were being played perfectly fine until I added music, and now only the music plays. Can anyone help, please :sob:

Be sure that your sounds and music are using different commands. If you use the same command, the music will overwrite your previous sound.

sound sound_name
music music_name

You can show your script if that’s not the case?

music is different from sounds. When you use music, it is on loop until you give it a command to stop. The command is just " music off " (without the quotations).

I suggest you see this, it’ll help you understand better.

Yay i used the different commands, like

music music_name

Some part of the script

sound door_knock

And the music plays but the sound doesn’t :no_mouth:

You’re previewing it on your device or the portal? You can try adding:

sound door_knock
volume sound 100 0

On the phone, okaay I’ll try that :butterfly: just hope it works :sob:

So it’s okay on the portal?
I actually have that problem too when previewing on my device. For my case, it only plays the first sound, and the following sounds within that scene just stops working. I solved it by resetting every time I use a sound, with this command - sound off

Don’t know if this works for everyone but it works for me.