Sound not showing?

I have added sound onto my story, but it won’t come up when I preview it on my phone and laptop,

sound alarmclock_digital
volume sound 100 3000
@pause for a beat
@speechbubble is 213 297 to 100% with tail_top_left
LUCY (talk_confused_mindblown)
Oh no, I am running late, the bell goes in 30 minutes and it takes me 15 minutes to get there.
@pause for a beat
sound off

What have I done wrong/need to do?

You need to restart the episode or leave the app, then it should work

It still wouldn’t work when I did all of that.

Which browser are you suing?

It might be that the sound is ending before the volume is fully able to be heard?

volume sound 100 0

And also is the sound happened at the very beginning?

Ah sometimes when you reach the “sound off” or “music off” in the previewer it will continue to do so, so that might be a glitch

Chrome is the browser I am using

No it happens in the middle and end

And it still comes up with no sound with volume sound 100 0 @Dona_H @Davidcrvz

Try removing the volume sound 100 0 and restart the episode

Can you send a screenshot of your script? :slight_smile:

here it is the preview is where the sound is shown when she is screaming.

remove the “sound off” since the sound is short

Remove “sound off” since the sound will only play once, anyway.

@Davidcrvz @Dona_H thank you it is now working

Happy to be an assistant :relaxed: