Sound Off After Bubble Update


Having a new problem where when I start the app, and go preview my story, the sound/audio is dead silent throughout the entire episode. I restarted the app and it seemed to work again, but is there a reason why this is happening?

This started occurring after the recently released speech bubble update, where I won’t be able to hear my music and sounds unless i close and restart the app (which is infuriating).

I don’t want potential readers to be put off from my story because the audio isn’t working, should I submit a ticket?


This has been happening to me as well. I tried restarting the app, but it didn’t fix the problem. I also noticed that it was only a problem when it is music. The sound still works perfectly fine for some reason.


@MrBitPlayer @eliza.rose If you are on the app you might want to check with your device and make sure your ringer is ON and do not disturb is OFF. if this doesn’t work submit a ticket Here…


I turned all of that on, and it worked once, but only once. Hopefully if I keep trying it will eventually work, but thank you for the advice.


That was the first thing I checked…lol. But even with it on I had to close and re-open the app to get the audio working again. I’ll submit a ticket though, I think that’s the best course of action.


Ye I think you should submit a ticket :T