Sound On or No Sound?

So, I really don’t know whether I should add sounds and music in my story.
Here is the thing: It honestly takes more work, so I wanted to know, Who keeps their volume up, and do you prefer sounds or no sounds?

  • I like sounds
  • I do not keep my volume up

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I just want to know what the majority of people think :slight_smile:

I listen to my music while i play episode amd it turns of sound on the story im playing so i guess it depends on the person

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I listen to music while reading :slight_smile:

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Ok thank you. :hugs:

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I love listening to sound in a story, it keeps me focused otherwise idk it feels empty lol


I usually mute my volume when reading stories because sometimes it’s hard to focus on music and reading to me for some reason. Occasionally, my volume will be up though! But, yes, I would add sounds/music. :slight_smile:

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Same! But I play Episode and music from my phone so I can’t silence the story sounds which is frustrating. I don’t like sounds from the stories at all so I wish there is an option to mute the sounds since they are mostly just SFX and not-great music.

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Normally when I play music all the sound effects and music stop for me!

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Wait, what? Seriously? Is there a setting you go to to switch off the sounds? Is yours an iPhone? Because I wrote to Episode to ask and they told me there is no way to switch it off. Apparently even if we play our own music, the sounds and music from the story will play as well.

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Yes, I have an iPhone. The music from the chapter i’m reading stops completely when I listen to music but I can still hear the sound effects!

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Thank you all! This helped me so much! :yay: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: