Sound Or No Sound?

Am I the only one that gets annoyed by cheesy sound tracks when you’re trying to play your music while ready episode. Do you like occasional sound effects like door knocks or phone rings or full on music?

  • Occasional Sound Effects
  • Lots of Music and Sound Effects

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Although I’ve added some sound to my story, I actually read all stories with the volume off :joy:


I like only occasional sounds and music. I myself get overwhelmed when the music plays entirely throughout, and I proceed to turning the volume down.


same I keep my ringer off so i don’t hear it.


I like the music. well mostly sound effects. Not every scene but when its supposed to be there. like hearing the car when its driving or hearing the background chatter in restaurant scenes. It enhances the story and goes well with the animation. Makes me more into the story. Its an animation after all. If you gonna complain about the sound why use the app. just read a regular book :rofl::rofl::rofl: Thats like watching a tv show and muting it.

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It really depends on the story, but the ocassional sound effect is better than one every second. It takes the joy out of having sound effects otherwise if you constantly spam them.



I do music AND sound, lol.

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I do music and sound as well!

OMG!!! My vote just made the poll 50-50 :see_no_evil: :joy:

I like lots of sounds & music. But if the same song is playing for too long, I turn it off
I also use a lot of sound & music in my stories, if some people don’t like it they can easily turn it off
Sometimes it gets kinda boring hearing the same music story after story though
It would be awesome if they allowed writers to upload their own music

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Sounds you know increase ur emotions while reading the story. For example if you are reading sad scene then if a sad music is played it increases ur emotion…and u can feel the character. I highly suggest with sound on rest ur wish.

I hate when someone dies in a story and happy music is playing in the backround…Lol why?

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I read all stories with the volume off. I don’t know why though

Lots of music and sound to enhance the reading experience. It makes it more fun and engaging to watch.

I would prefer it if authors posted custom playlists to fit the tone of their stories, like post a link to one on their instas or w/e.


I play all my games with the sound off, because you never know who’s got the cheesy music and sound effects. I’d prefer playing my own music while I play, and if I can’t do that then I’d rather play in silence.

Well this has been greatly unhelpful. God I’m so indecisive on this one. I started my story without sound/music. But now I’m thinking to add them in. Hard part is I put a short sound and that I get annoyed cuz there is no more music/sound. Am I just weird? Please GIVE ADVICE for my story. Do I do sound effects and try to ignore my weird OCD or I just give up on the sounds all together?
#HELP #please

It doesn’t matter to me because I listen to my own music while reading Episodes…so yeah…

I think you should add it in. If people don’t like sounds, they’ll just turn the volume down. If people do like sounds, they’ll appreciate that you put them in. Also, I don’t know if you’ve actually been diagnosed with OCD, but it you haven’t, you shouldn’t use it as a “quirky adjective”.