Sound poll. Need the feedback!

Hey everyone!
So I’m writing a romance story and I wanted to know if y’all preferred reading it with sound or you don’t mind without sound? Let me know!

  • Sound
  • No sound

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I don’t really know what to pick tbh. I might go with no sound. I think the horror, thriller, mystery, and action genres get more enhanced by sounds that help give a vibe of urgency and danger.

With romance, there’s kind of no real need for sounds unless you want background music and sounds for like dramatic reveals. Besides that, I don’t see the point in adding sounds unless the story has a plot that have scenes that get super intense.


Oh yeah, makes sense. I personally like sound with my stories, but like in some scenes idk what sound to put :joy:

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If you’re not done yet with your story, I would worry about the sounds and music later. If you are done, and you want to put in sound, this index for music might help.

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I’m not done yet, but thank you so much!
That will definitely help in the future :blob_hearts:

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