Sound, props, animations

I think not only me but even other writers would appreciate new music and sound for scenes. I heard some new sounds in your original episode stories and it is such a shame that we don’t really have access to them. I feel like only things that are instantly updating are outfits, sometimes hairs etc. But sounds or new props nothing. I would appreciate for example fork and spoon and some animation for eating while sitting. Because mostly people sit during their meals. And we have only standing animation and so little options. Only some cookies or doughnuts and that is really not all what people eat. Also some cleaning and cooking animation would be great, with props like wooden spoon or duster for cleaning. I don’t get how there can be vampire bitting animation but not most often activities everyone do on daily basis. And for sure there would be great motorbike riding animation!!! I think a lot of us would use it, because create montages all the time is really difficult. Thank you :slight_smile:


I totally agree!
we do need this all basic animations ,props and new sounds

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