Sound, to be continued, instagram and warning backgrounds?

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a nice evening/morning :wink:

I’m in need of some backgrounds, and I was wondering if any of you guys would like to help me?
I would like a:

  1. To be continued background
  2. Warning background
  3. Sound effect background
  4. Instagram background (@epy_daniela)

I would like for the backgrounds to be mysterious looking and the background should be either black or purple (DARK PURPLE) , but if the background is black then the text should be purple and if the background is purple, the text should be black :slight_smile:

This character can be in the backgrounds if you’d like, but not on the to be continued background :slight_smile:

You can add in whatever overlays you find!


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I could give it a go you don’t have to use them I’m just practicing but I’d love to try, what is your story about?

hello! id love to help. is it okay if i make it without the character (just the text). if you insist, could you please send the screenshot of the character doing the pose that you want? thank you :yellow_heart:

Of course! My story is about a girl who gets adopted by a family but on on her first night there the parents disappear and then the girl and her step brothers have to find clues that can lead them to their parents.

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The character doesn’t have to be in the backgrounds :slight_smile:

Awesome I’ll see what I can do :grin:

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id love to help. but since nicole is doing it, i guess my help is not needed anymore? im sure she do prepare wonderful splashes :yellow_heart:

Thanks but @NICOLE94 is helping me :slight_smile:

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