Sound won't mute

So I had been able to create a code that would allow the reader to choose volume or no volume by using the
volume sound 0 0
volume music 0 0

now music muted but sound didn’t so I had to use volume sound 1 1 which was muting it.
But now that won’t mute either :frowning_face:
what is going on? it was working yesterday but now it won’t work!!

maybe its a glitch as you said it was working yesterday, maybe try reloading the portal or view it on your phone :black_heart:

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I’ve tried both and unfortunately neater is working :confused:
not have the best of luck lately lol

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does the script give you any warning?

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no :confused:
the script is a little messy but this is what I’ve done

Do you want to turn sound on/off

“On” {
volume music 100 0
volume sound 100 0
“Off” {
volume music 0 0
volume sound 0 0

that have never worked for me so I’ve had to use
volume sound 1 1 and volume sound 100 1
but now that wont work either so I’m confused ha ha ha

i’ve never written any script like this so i dont really have a idea :sob:
but the script looks fine to me…

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No worries I’ll send Episode a ticket as my apps acting weird too, and my tv just turned itself off…

I’m pretty sure there is a ghost in here :joy::joy:


LMAO, ok that shits crazy :sob: :joy:

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