Sounds and music help?

I know how to make music and sounds quieter … It’s this format, right?

volume sound x T volume music x T

x is the volume level from 0 to 100
T is time in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds is 1 second)

but once I’ve change the volume I want to change it back at some point. What is the default volume level and time?

volume music 100 0
You can put in your script music off and as far as I’m aware, the next music or sound will be at level 100
All music and sound will play at this level without a fade unless you use the time command :slight_smile:

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hey i have another question if you don’t mind … I want to change the volume of a sound is that possible?

Yes! Just put
volume music 50 0 (example)
Or to fade/have a gradual volume change
volume music 50 3000 (this is 3 seconds)

not music a sound that gets interrupted and ends with the next line

Sorry. Didnt read properly. I’m unsure about sounds as I’ve never changed the volume of them. But it may work if you put the command before the sound

I’m writing a story but every time I play the story the sounds always go, but the music doesn’t. The coding is all correct but I just don’t know why I never hear the music. Only when I preview from that area it plays. Help!

Are you previewing from the web or your mobile device? because the web sometimes glitches with the sounds

I do both. Either way, it doesn’t work. Only my sounds work. Not the music.

So, does the sound not play?

Are you using music from the beginning and throughout your episode?
Have you typed
volume music 100 0
at the beginning your script?
If you weren’t already aware, this controls the volume of the music, the first number is the volume 0-100 and the second number is how quickly it starts and stops 0-9999 - these are milliseconds so 0 will turn the volume up/down immediately. 5000 will fade the music up/down in 5 seconds. If you do turn the volume down, don’t forget to turn it back up when starting the next song! I also recommend if you’re using the music off command at the end of a scene that you put a @pause for 1 after or a transition before playing the next song in the next scene.
I personally use the volume control at the beginning of each episode and throughout, only using the music off at the end and I’ve not had a problem with it before. Hope this has helped a little!

omg that’s what I wasn’t doing!! tysm. so would I just do “volume music 100” and that’s it?

volume music 100 0

This will turn the music up maximum in 0 seconds :slight_smile: hope it works for you!

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