Sounds not appearing (music is fine though)

Before you ask, no it’s not working on the app previewer either.

It’s been like this for a few days. Weirdly enough, music is fine but sound effects are not appearing.

Is anyone else having this issue or just me???

Sometimes it is glitches. But sometimes if you use the timers wrong or the music commands wrong, then they won’t play. Can I see your commands?

I hope so, because I haven’t changed anything regarding sounds and music otherwise at all. And it’s only happening recently. No errors are showing up in the script, such as the “music already playing” error.

I’d post a sample, since music and sounds are in basically all my episodes. Scripts will be a novel of stuff you don’t wanna read lol. Bolded are the music prompts.

&zoom reset
@speechbubble reset
@RUBEN changes into RUBEN_work
&cut to zone 3
&RUBEN spot 1.211 160 0 in zone 2 at layer 1 AND RUBEN faces right
&YOU spot 1.130 270 0 in zone 4 at layer 0
&ALEX spot 1.130 270 0 in zone 4 at layer 1
music music_mischief

@ALEX walks to spot 1.198 160 0 in zone 3
@YOU walks to spot 1.130 270 0 in zone 3 AND YOU does it while walk_exhausted

@YOU is yawn_bored AND ALEX is shiftweight AND RUBEN is mortified
@speechbubble is 171 196 to 84% with tail_top_right
(Can barely keep my eyes open.)
(Need to at least pretend to seem interested.)

@speechbubble is 154 214 to 103%
A figure of a tall man stood near the shelves, shuffling paperwork.
He didn’t notice us walking in, until Alex shut the door behind us quietly.

@YOU is arms_crossed

A scent of pleasant cologne lingered in the rather tiny room.
It wasn't strong, but enough to bask in.

@zoom on 960 281 to 133% in 2
It reminded me of fresh autumn leaves on a windy night.
Leathery vanilla, with a hint of warm rosewood…
…blackberry undertones.

@zoom on 960 281 to 248% in 2
@YOU is mortified
@pause for a beat

It was dismayingly familiar...

music off
sound car_screech
@pause for a beat
Struggling to flutter my eyes open was no longer a challenge.

@zoom on 960 281 to 154% in 3

I couldn't even comprehend what I just walked into.
My eyes must've been popping out of my eyesockets.

@YOU is dismayed

The man didn't need to fully turn around for me to recognize him.

music music_flutterbeat

Strong arms, tall frame...
......the tattoos.

(This can't be happening...)

@speechbubble is 158 206 to 95% with tail_top_right
(Why…of all people…)

@speechbubble reset
ALEX (talk_greet)
Detective Ambrose, I apologize for making you wait!

@ALEX faces right AND ALEX is idle_happy

    ALEX (talk_reassure)
[FIRSTNAME], this is your new assigned partner. Meet Detective Ambrose.

@ALEX faces left AND ALEX is idle_happy

music music_serioustechno
@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 458 59 to 292% in 0
He seemed just as surprised to see me…
@YOU is shush
@zoom on 456 285 to 292% in 4



@transition fade out black in 5
music off


Also, this is happening for ALL episodes, not just this one. Any errors with sound in script I’ve always managed to fix, and worked fine. This better be just a temporary glitch. :confused:

Story would be affected without suitable sound effects lol

Looks fine so far. I don’t see any volume commands. Be sure to raise the volume again whenever you’ve lowered.

They are. I only mute the volume in the web previewer when I’m testing it out cuz I don’t want it auto-playing.

Other than that, it was largely untouched especially in the older episodes, where now it doesn’t work. Should I wait it out or submit a ticket…? And is it happening to you or anyone else?

How long have you had this issue?

I was about to post yesterday saying that sounds were working again.

Only to stop once more… ugh

It’s been like this a few days, 4 I think?

Welp, this problem is still persisting. :confused:

I say check you story on another device if possible. But overall I would recommend submitting a ticket to admin.

Only device I have is my phone and Kindle lol. Wish Episode was on Kindle, updated from classic.

Sound is working on stories but just not in mine (not published yet) nd idk why.

How do you submit tickets?

Here’s a link.

I’ll try submitting one.

Heads up though, the sound IS working in the writer’s portal/desktop site. Just not in app…

Though I haven’t published it yet, sound gives a good experience in my story and I don’t want it to seem awkward. :S

Perhaps you can send me the link in a pm and I can let you know if I hear sounds or not

this is the link to my story, though for some reason my friend who was new to Episode wasn’t able to open up.

idk if you can open individual chapters unlike the app, but almost all episodes use sound effects. the scene you definitely want to test out is around the beginning of the first episode, the bar scene with the two lady characters and just toward the end of that scene(s).

if those don’t show up i’m submitting a ticket. idk why this is happening now :confused:

Read the whole chapter. The sound works fine, I did have to turn my volume all the way up but other than that I had no issue.

How low were the sound effects? I guess there is a guide to amplify or lower volume on sound effects/music or no?

At least it’s working! Sorry for the sloppy, not completely proofread chapter lmao but at least it’s working…not sure why it’s working on web previewer but not on the mobile app.

Hope epi fixes it.

There was music throughout the episode and a few sound effect here and there. I heard all of it.

Here’s a small tutorial on volume:

The volume commands are as followed:

  • volume sound % S
  • volume music % S

% = volume percentage (0-100)
S = seconds that’s it takes for the volume to rise (0-infinity; in milliseconds)

The volume sound % S is used for sounds and the volume music % S is used for music sounds.

Ex A:

sound alarm2
volume sound 100 0

(The volume rises to 100% immediately because the timer is at 0 milliseconds.)

Ex B:

music alarm2
volume music 20 5000

(The volume lowers to 20% in 6 seconds because the timer is at 5000 milliseconds.)

I did NOT know there was a volume command for sound!

I’ve learned than when placing 2 sound commands together, that they don’t always work. I guess the music off should have a bit of a space or something inbetween it.