Sounds on preview?

Hi! I’m having a problem where I can’t hear the music that I inserted to my script once I preview it. Will the sounds be heard on mobile once my story is published, or is there a problem?


you should be able to hear it on the writer’s portal as well…

Maybe my code is wrong, what’s the code for adding sounds?

sound is just
sound drum_badpunchline

OH I put music instead of sound let me try that😂

Maybe you volume is off
adjust the music volumes by this command:
volume music # in #
The first # is a number between 0-100 and this is the volume of the music
The second # is the number of milliseconds to get to that volume. Example for one second it would be 1000

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I just did that and I got this error:

I wrote:

I fixed the error, but the sound still isn’t working.

If you want to change the volume of the music, delete the ‘in’. If its still not working, maybe you turned off the preview volume?

Hope this helped!:blush:

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Nope, it still isn’t working I’m not sure why. My preview volume is on

:frowning: did u try deleting the ‘in’ and then previewing again?
like this?:
volume music 99 1000

Yep, still nothing

Or maybe theres a way to change the volume of the sound…im not sure…:thinking:

I’m going to have to try it in a different conputer

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Have you previewed your story in the app? It’s in the Create tab! The sound might work on there!

Create tab on where? The forums?

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No, in the Episode app! It’s the blue pencil! :pencil2:

Your story should be there! Then you can preview what you have so far!

Oh I see, I can’t do that because I haven’t published my story yet🤧

It thought it didn’t need to be published! My new story, “My Changed Personality,” isn’t out yet! I’m working on Episode 1 and it’s there for me!

I don’t think you can adjust the volume of a sound, it only applies to music