Southern Medicine Need new cover!


My story Southern Medicine needs a new cover. I would also like to do some splashes for story containing mature themes and a splash for following me on my Instagram.

Body: Dark
Brow: Seductive Arch
Hair: Diva Curls, black
Eye:Upturn Bold, brown
Face: Soft heart
Nose: Elven
Lip: Full lip, Bordeaux

Brow: Thick Arch
Hair: Modern Pompadour, black
Eye:Athletic Round, brown
Face:Square Jaw
Nose: Button
Lip:Smirk, toffee

Brow:Seductive Arch
Hair:Long Braid, Black
Eye: Upturned bold
Face: Soft heart
Nose: Elven
Lip: Full round, Bordeaux


I’d love to try!


I can do your splashes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oops sorry! Didn’t even notice your reply super sorry didn’t mean to take yours.


I’d love to see your work.


Hi I can help! Here’s my examples


Yes, I’ll show you. Sorry, I was on my phone earlier!


Ok that’s cool.


I only have one with me :joy:
The others I’ve made are somewhere on the forums.


I just made the same cover


That looks cool!


I know that :joy:
I made that one for fun.


It’s cool I just like being art twins if that makes sense lol :joy:


Yeah, sorry for the misunderstanding!


How long does it take you do this for me?


Hey, did u still need a cover?




Okay, I can try. Im still need at this so my splashes r kinda basic.



Its a lot better than I can do on my own. lool when can you have it done?


It kinda depends, i can get atleast one done today