Southern Medicine Need new cover!


Oh ok cool.


Few questions though

  1. U wanted 2 splashes right?
  2. Do u want a specific background?
  3. Which character do u want to use for the splashes?


1.Yes, 2. Hospital, 3. The characters in the original stream that I posted.


What i mean is do u want all three for both splashes


Episode harmony can


I want at least the title to have a hospital theme and welcome to Atlanta. And for the last one I want like creative background filled with different colors.


Send the details here please


@Jazzipooh94 i found a few colorful background online.


Choose your top 2 favorite backgrounds please

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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When I resized it 4 looked best so thats the one i used for the 2 splash. Im still working on the 1 splash.

If u want to, could u plz credit me if u do use this splash?