Space/Planet Backgrounds/Overlays

In my new story I feature space and other planets but there aren’t loads of background options in the art catalog.

Would anyone be able to share with me any backgrounds they have for planets or space, spaceships, anything like that?

And any overlays that might be useful for this sort of theme?

Thank you so much in advance!!

Would these work? :slightly_smiling_face:
(from Google images)

They are good thank you so much!

Have you got anymore, like actually on the planet?

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Hm, heres one that looks like it could be on a Mars-like planet:

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Thank you!

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Pixabay has a lot of backgrounds, all are usable commercially.

I have some space planet overlays I can post in about 30 mins :slight_smile:

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They aren’t amazing but they are free for anyone to use, no credit required :slight_smile:



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^ Space planet backgrounds

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Thank you so much!

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