Spam Accounts/Posts


Okay. Is it just me or has there been a sudden burst of spam accounts and posts on the forums? I opened the General Chat section and there were at least 10 that I could spot right away. I want to hear if anyone else has noticed the same things I have.


Omg yes! I’ve seen so many with just gibberish on them


I know, and I try to flag them when I see them, but there are just so many.


lmao dont worry spam bots have always been here and there are multiple threads about it


I believe they are spam bots. They just spew out advertising that all are: “Love/marriage/divorce problem/solution RANDOM STRING OF NUMBERS (telephone number) baba ji” Just ignore it. Pressing into them makes it worse. Hopefully it’ll go away soon or episode finds away to rid of them. However, it’s very easy to make new accounts, so that may be a long withstanding problem. Recently there are those spam bots in Chinese as well.


On one of their posts I write ‘This is spam’ and they write ‘It’s not spam’




It’s actually getting annoying


Spam bots have always been a problem and it’s not just with this site. Just flag them and ignore them. Do not reply to any of their threads because that enables them to be more active.



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