Spam-Bot Protection



Ok, so we know about the spam bots, right? They’re not super, super, bad anymore but they’re still here. I posted this on the old forums as well, but I think it would be great if we had some type of human verification when we signed up, and every few weeks/ months to prevents bots from spamming!


This is a great idea. They’re effectively harmless, but definitely annoying. Just a tip for anyone who comes across posts from these bots: Don’t comment on them. Someone (I apologize, I forgot who it was) earlier had said that replying to the bots only further enables them to produce more spam as interaction with their post causes a positive feedback loop. Basically, they’re programmed to spam even more if someone comments. So the best thing you can do if you come across spam is to just flag it and move on.


Yes, I also try not to click on them as I’m not sure if that can be censored or not. Of course, someone will want to flag them but I suggest giving them as little attention as possible.


I hope it’s something fun like, click on the different colors. But I support!


Maybe it can be something like: What are the 3 art styles Episode has?


Styles: Classic, Ink, Limelight

Directing: Cinematic, Spotlight






Yasss we need this!


Bumping because there seems to be lots of spam right now. Just a reminder for everyone to simply flag the post and move on (don’t comment)!


Bump. This needs to happen!


Spam bots were taking over the general chat section last last day, we need this!


Support! We need this. They are everywhere now! :sweat::sweat::sweat:


The spam bots attacked. I tried reporting them all but i need to wait 6 hrs that is how bad it is.


Do we flag their posts under spam?


I think so😊


Support this everyone! We need this! :persevere:


Support! I cant anymore…!


I have to wait 21 hours :joy:


Haha yeah it sucks right?