Spanish Culture

I’m writing a story where one of my main characters will have Spanish heritage. Since I myself am not Spanish, I’d like to see what makes up Spanish culture and if anyone has any tips.

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I can’t really help with that, sorry. But maybe this will!


Thank you!

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By Spanish, do you actually mean individuals from Spain or?

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I mean more like Latin American culture.

Oh okay awesome, any specific country?

Maybe Mexico, or something like Cuba?

(I don’t want to sound stereotypical, but maybe a place where you’ll see darker Latinas and Latinos?)

Yea, I get. All Latinxs have dark skinned individuals. But the most commonly known would be Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Colombians.
Culture varies throughout Latin American but the thing we all have in common are the following:

  • Traditions: our religion (usually Catholic or Christian), our food, our way of living are usually passed down by the generations before us
  • Old family values: as progressive as social standings have gotten, we tend to drift into traditional family life (man works and is the head of the house, wife can also work but she’s generally in charge of the home and the kids, kids are respectful to their elders)
  • Pride: we have pride in being latinx, in our own flags and countries, in our family and last name, in our food, etc.
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Thank you so much for the in-depth explanation. I didn’t know they were so many similarities between Latin-American culture and my culture. This has really opened up my eyes, and I will be doing some more research.

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