Spanish HelP? ,


How do you say, “Stay Golden” in Spanish? I think I’m going to pop a blood vessel with these variations.


Mantente dorado


100% SURE T-T? I want to put that, but I’m afraid it’ll be wrong I thought it was Que- something, but I think that’s to stay.


That’s what google say’s. but i’ll double check


Is it spanish from Spain or Mexico? From Mexico I think its “Mantienete dorado”


Cries in Spanish


Yeah. . . google translate gives you spanish from Spain.


I don’t think that’s a word?


I studied Spanish last year and Mantente dorado looks right.


Okay, Cool. I was just about to put that anyhow.:heart: Thx Guys.


I think it is because my phone has auto correct on spanish and it doesn’t say anything. You could also say “Mantine dorado” but that sounds weird.



While “Mantente dorado” is technically right, there is no such an expression used in Spanish, depends on what you’re using it for, you could consider a different wording.


The actually saying, “Stay Golden” but I think it’s right.


Grammatically, it is right. However, culturally, it’s very… well it seems out of place


Okay, I just wanted to look like, Stay Golden as the actually saying. Not the fact that it isn’t a saying in Spanish lol.