Spare story recs? 🥴

hey guys!! Firstly thanks for this thread love :heart:

Title: Lurking Shadows

Genre: Drama

Story style: Limelight

Story cover:

Description: MARNYE REED is pushed into the world of money and secrets… Including 4 devilishly handsome guys. Will she play their game? Or will she make them play by her rules?

Chapters available: 1 to 3 chapters published.

Story link:

Instagram handle: @epi_val2209

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I just published a brand new story, so feel free to check it out

Title: Bedevilled Sins

Style: Limelight

Episodes: 4 (More coming soon)


Genres: Romance, Drama, Adult, Slice of life and a bit of tragedy

Author name: Alice. C 1.5

Instagram: @alicec.episode

Artwork for the covers are done by my artist bestie, @lilianxoartz on Instagram who will also be doing the art scenes

Small cover:

Large cover:

Plot description: Anton Stewart is a devilishly handsome sinner who is fuelled by money, sadness and loneliness. What happens when he reunites with his first love and ex, Ginevra Lewis?

This story will have no cc because I plan on using custom character overlays and art scenes based on the characters’ appearances.

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Here are some of my favourites… (and a self promotion too) :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:

  • The road trip, by Arora
  • My gamer boys, by streampaw
  • Home run, by Jae
  • Finding sunshine, by Bri
  • Dress coded, by Alexis

Why should you read it:
This light-hearted romcom has an exciting storyline, including the good times and the bad, with a character lots of us can relate to! I have put lots of time and effort into creating a unique storyline with just the roght ammount of comedy, romance and drama. It also only has a few reads and I want to get as much as possible by my birthday (Feburary).

Title: This Semester

Genre: Romance/ comedy

Author: emily_episodeee

Instagram: emily_episodeee

Description: A spoiled-rotten American. A strict British boarding school. In this culture clash, rules will be broken.




You may like it if you like dating sims. It’s a short and complete story with 5 endings. :relaxed:

Title: Getting Over Her [COMPLETE]
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 4 episodes (Complete)
Description: A young man is going through a tough break-up. Will he be able to start dating again? - and more importantly will he be able to get over his ex?
Why readers should check it out: It’s a short and fun story which anyone can enjoy. Uses advanced directing, overlays and good branching.
Instagram: @lemonjay.episode

5 endings, Male MC, CC, LL, Mini Games, All Choices Matter!

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Hi! :blush: I just published my first story. I’m still at zero reads and I’m starting to lose hope for this story to succeed. I’d love for that to change.<3
Here’s the story if you’re interested <3 Stay safe!

Title- Star Lust
Genre- Drama, Adventure

The tragic passing of the big superstar Cameron Alexander who has dated an ordinary girl Bella. As time has passed, more tragic happens with learning superstar’s past.


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Thank you for this thread! If you dig adventure stories with good amount of comedy and tinge of romance and mystery, I hope you can give my story a chance❤️

Title: Treasure In You
Author: L.Q. Walter
Instagram: @lqwalter.episode
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Chapters: 8 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Description: After discovering an old diary she believes will lead her to the location of a long lost treasure, she teams with an unlikely ally: a guy who is downright cocky yet wickedly hot!


Hi I would like to reccomand you my stories - they both are ranking high in its genre and one was picked up to episode hidden gem shelf so I believe they are good. :innocent:

Author: Farah DeSantis & Grace
Genre: Fantasy, (+Romance, +Comedy, + Mystery )
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 45 (to be continued…)
Instagram: @miss_desantis_
Description: What has a necklace hidden in a book to do with a thousand years old mystery of fallen angels? And who is that new mysterious guy? Find the truth before it is too late! (CC, LL)

We like to present you new cover for the story:

Genre: Fantasy (adventure, romance, mystery, drama)
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 5 (to be continued…)
Description: You got trapped with a group of scientists in a cave under the Greenland glacier. Will you survive and discover the truth about the myth of a lost underground tribe?

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Hi :yellow_heart: @moths you may check out my story if you like

Title: I married my troublemaker (limelight)
Author name: Miss Deepika
Style: Limelight
Episode: 23 so far
Description: Fixed marriage with a person who brings trouble in your life, will this marriage turned out to be a success or big misery in your life.
{Art scenes}

Genre: comedy
Ig: @orangeweedie.episode

English is not my first language so kindly bear my small mistakes :heart:



Hello !
This is my story and it’s called Fire bond :sparkling_heart:
Description : Isabelle is caught up in the mafia life. As she tries to escape she finds herself drawn to a mysterious stranger.
Will she find happiness or will her past destroy her ?
It has customization and it is limelight version :heart:
Gender : Action but it has a lot more too !

Here is the link to it :
My instagram name is @epilifeofdianna
Thank you all ! :yellow_heart:

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