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Hello everyone!
I’m currently bringing back my commission shop. Im a digital artist for a year and a half and I’m trying to deliver good quality and affordable prices for people because I know that money :dollar: doesn’t grow on trees

My price list

My Semi realistic examples: (more incoming)

My cartoon examples:

TOS+how I work

How long it takes for me to finish:
-from 3 days to 1 week to finish the commission (depends on the complexity of the drawing)

How I work:
:exclamation:(The client will receive a TOS (terms of service) to avoid scamming client or artist

:zap:To avoid scamming the client pays advanced payment 50% of the price (full price right away)
:exclamation: If the client pays an advanced payment (50% of the price) the client will pay Paypal fees for the rest of price by second transaction as well​:exclamation:
:zap:the client will receive a sketch and after the changes and Clients approval will start coloring
:zap:Client will receive as much progress as the client wants (I personally always send the progress everyday or every two days)
:round_pushpin:The pictures will be sent with watermark
:zap:If the payment wasn’t full, client will pay the rest and receive the final piece


They look awesome! Just curious but what are your prices for the cartoon style? I’d probs like to request whenever :two_hearts:

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Hello, it’s the same prices as the semi realistic one
And if u will need other cartoon examples I will be able to pm u them

I’ll pm you.