✨ Sparkle Art Shop (close) ✨

of course no problem! i hope things get better !! <33

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I don’t need that background anymore. Some unpredicted events came up. Sorry for wasting your time.

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No problem :kissing_heart:

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Background: I would love to request @blanche_writes for a background
Detailed: description of what you want:
I need a sports locker room with the dark blue (primary color)/white (secondary color) color scheme. The sport is hockey if that matters. :slightly_smiling_face: (either 2 or 3 zones)
Deadline? (please be sure to make it reasonable!)…
7-10 days, but as long as you need. :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.

Reference picture of a hockey locker room:

Thanks so much!

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Hey! I’m very sorry, love, but in a above reply to some requests, I mentioned that I won’t be taking any new requests from this art shop anymore, for sometime, please understand!

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For the people who have requested from me- I’m sorry to inform you but I’m not part of this art shop anymore (still waiting for Lexy to remove me) and I unfortunately won’t be able to finish your requests. I don’t have motivation for it and I can’t push myself to do something that doesn’t make me happy. I feel much more happy running my own art shop and working at my own pace instead of being part of one atm. I’m truly sorry but I hope you all understand.

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Artist: @mitchell.owo

character details

Female athletic body Gold 02
Brows: arched natrual scar Deep brown
Hair: medium straight down deep brown
Eyes: heavy lid upturned Ice blue
Face: square defined
Nose: pointed downturned
Lips: full wide Fair rose matte

Draw or edited:

any that you think would look good

A bikini with heels doesnt matter what colour

Background (if any):
Maybe a heart/s background?

What is the story’s name?:
Love Island

What is the author’s name?:

hi i love this work any chance i can use it in my new story if i give you full credits?

Ofc, hun, please take care of yourself! :blob_hearts: I’ll make sure to inform others… :relaxed:

hiya, i was wondering if you still make commissions? (:

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Hey, I’m sorry, but I’m guessing we’re closed since many of the artists have been inactive for a while, and the moderator @Lexy_Bae has pretty much left the Forums for months now :sweat_smile: Again, I’m so sorry, but feel free to check out some other commissioning artists! :smiley:

that’s a shame, but thank you for letting me know! i will do (: x

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Are you guys still open at all?