Speaking up for yourself and others

I am one tiny person in this enormous universe. I can’t do much to change the world. But that’s not gonna stop me from trying to help those affected by it.

I don’t think this thread is going to be wildly popular because I know so many people want to stay silent. Either they’re embarrassed or scared or upset by something that’s happened.

I want to tell you to please, please speak up.

-If you see someone getting bullied, defend them.
-If someone has hurt you, speak up.
-If someone is disrespecting someone else because of their race, religion, sexuality, etc, tell them off!
-If someone is looking upset, don’t feel awkward…please help them…you could save a life…
-If you’ve been sexually assaulted or abused, tell someone. I know it’s hard but you have to!

I’m making this thread because I have experienced racism, sexism, sexual assault, and more. I kept it all to myself for years, I only talked about my experience recently, and since then, I’ve felt safer because the guy who sexually assaulted me has a restraining order and I can finally go anywhere without having to worry about being near him again.

I admit, telling my family was rough. My twin brother was so mad that he sought the guy out and fought him until a cop had to restrain and arrest him. My Dad became so overprotective and didn’t want me to go too far away without him. My older brother acts the same, but Elliot was the best, he supported me and let me talk instead of trying to save me, he let me save myself.

Elliot (who some of you have met, and who also IS OKAY with me talking about this) tried to take his own life a few years ago because he was being bullied and didn’t speak up. Had he come to talk to one of us, maybe we could have prevented it. Anyway, he somehow survived, and after, we stopped at nothing to make sure he was happy again. We moved here in Hawaii to get away from the bullies at our school and we took him to therapy, and most importantly, we showed him how much he is loved.

My point is, I can’t make a difference. I’m no one important. But I want to help. I’m not a therapist of any kind, and I probably give the worst advice, but I want people to speak up about not only themselves but for others. Help everyone in any way you can, please. We can make a difference together. Not alone.


Please feel free to talk about your experiences on this thread, no one is allowed to judge you.

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thank you :heart:

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Offffff gurlll another amazing and beautiful topic!

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@sofia2 @EpisodeShadow thank youuu


You are important and with this post you showed how important and amazing person you are. I’m so happy for you and I hope things keep getting better.
Lots of love ana


Thank you sm!

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I want to speak up (Thank you @AnonymousAuthor1 for doing this :yellow_heart:).

I know I have nerve injury in both of my hands.

I work slower and steadier than many of you.

I feel pain in my hands when I try to do all the nOrMaL things like you, such as lifting heavy things etc.

But, its not good to ridicule me for it.

O Bullies, I tell you – Embrace yourselves and your bodies. Take care of it and be proud of who you are. Whatever you have, its God-Gifted. Your short heights, your freckles, your big nose, your rough skin – everything is God-Gifted.

I wasn’t given that blessing by God…yet I still think as some sort of gift by God.

Because…I simply can’t change whatever happened to me, right?

If you can respect Helen Keller, who was both blind and deaf at the same time…

…why don’t you give such respect to us then?

You see – no amount of autobiographies written or extraordinary feats done by us would make us achieve your respects…unless and until YOU yourself accept us from deep within and give us the respect.

I am a human being, just like you. Except, I have a nerve injury. Does that make me an alien then?

Don’t take your gifts and moments for granted. Who knows what might happen in the future? Future is really unpredictable. Unless, if someone cracks time-travel, of course.

~ AS is out! :yellow_heart:


well done for being brave! total respect for you!!

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This is so so so so SO important! Any small random act of kindness can really help someone. Or even being an open and non-judgemental person for someone to open up to when they are struggling can also do wonders.

The following may contain triggers for some-

I was sexually harassed and assaulted a lot during my highschool years, was also very depressed and suicidal along with being in multiple emotionally and mentally abusive relationships, it was very common for me to think that things wouldn’t get better. But I eventually met people who were loving, understanding and patient who really supported me and helped me heal. I may still deal with the emotional baggage here and there but I am definitely doing better then before. But all it took was someone to just hear me out and listen.

I believe that we all deserve love and being that person who stands up for someone being mistreated may seem like a small thing to you but can mean the world to someone else.


I have tons of love for you! I have been sexually harassed and assaulted before and I know it can scar someone for life! Congrats on being so amazingly brave and not giving up when it seemed hard! My story touches on subjects like this and I love seeing people speak out about there experiences because it warms me to know others are trying to make a difference. It’s like the ‘Me too’ movement.

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Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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