Special Art Custom Poses

I’m looking for an artist that can do custom poses for art? :black_heart:
I’m wanting a couple of pieces done here and there.

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Edited (episode character poses) or drawn (custom poses drawn)?

Example of edited custom pose (by me):

Example of drawn custom pose:

View [CLOSED; Free] V.H Art Shop 🙃🥰 or Commission Art [OPEN]- Tesbie! (FREE edits, CC, bgs/ov and Maps) or 🤫 The Quiet Art Shop 🤫 [OPEN & FREE] to see examples. (Can’t share any pictures because it doesn’t belong to me, but you can see these artists’ examples in their threads. :heart:)


I want to say edited, just as I’m not sure of the difference. I’ve actually requested art through that art shop before! I loved the work that was done. I didn’t go back to request though because I thought it was closed :slightly_frowning_face:

Ooh, so you need edited? I’d be happy to do some for you if you’re interested! I do custom poses. :blush: You can request at my art shop if you’d like. :heart: (The edited examples given above are mine, you can find more in my shop.)

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