Special Art for your story ( CHOOSEN )

I’m up to do a special art scene for one of you.
if you wanna check out my art, check my insta @epy.larax

so here are the rules:

  • tell me about the scene you would want
  • max 2 people
  • tell me the name of your story
  • ONLY INK style

I will only choose the one I can identify with, what I’m in the mood for.

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Hi, do you have any examples?

She said she has examples on her Instagram :slightly_smiling_face:

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:joy: Sorry!

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Can I get one @larax

Can I get one?

Could I request one as well please!

This is a great example of what I need!

I’ll send further details your way soon, thank you!

scene: a funny scene
number of ppl: 2
Name of my story: Luna
Style: ink

I want one of my characters smashing a pie into the face of my other character, they’re best friends so it should be funny not mean.

character 1 (getting pie in her face):

skin- light
eyebrows- seductive arch
hair- classic bob blonde
eyes- upturned bold toffee
face shape- diamond
nose- upturned
mouth- classic ruby red

character 2:

skin- fair
eyebrows- seductive arch
hair- beach wave strawberry blonde
eyes- round bold taupe
face- oval
nose- soft natural
mouth- classic blush

same outfit:

black romper
black boho feather earrings
black military chic boots

can character 1 have a tiara?

do you only do INK?

do you do cover art too? like could you draw out what I want then I could turn it into a cover? If so…

I want it to be two sisters and they both look mad at one another.

The story is Sister Feud

So here are the details

Story title is Crossed Paths.

BG is just a plain white BG

Meaning behind the art scene: Mindy has fallen out with a close friend and runs to Derek’s house for his comfort as well as retreat (name of the episode covered). Derek embraces Mindy as he sees how upset she is about the disagreement and this is a bit of a special embrace as in the background Derek’s perspective on Mindy will be covered. Telling the reader what Mindy means to Derek.

Female (MINDY)

Hair: Beach Wave - Chesnut Brown
Eyes: Upturned Feline - Taupe
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic Ruby Red
Skin: Caramel
Brows: Natural Defined
Face: Oval


Black Moto Jacket

Floral Tank Tee

Dark Denim Jeans

Black Chelsea Boots


Hair: Generic Short Black
Eyes: Deepset Piercing Black
Nose: Roman
Face: Defined Triangle
Brows: Medium Sharp
Skin: Oval
Nose: Roman


White muscle tee
Blue Nautical shorts
Tattoo Sleeve

Thanks :heart:

can you pleaseeee do three cause i really want an art scene :joy::sweat_smile:

please tell me what you want & I’ll see

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yeah sorry x

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heyo, let me know if you can do mine! :blush:

I would love one!

Tell me about the scene you would want: A woman at a beach facing a sunset and sort of peeking back at the reader with one eye. Her hair would be covering most of her face. The vibe would be sort of mysterious and romantic. If you end up choosing me, I’ll give you more details since I feel like I’m not explaining this very well lol

The name of my story is From This Day Forward


Quick question, by max 2 people does that mean max 2 people requests or the amount of characters in the art scene?

If we put a request would you like screen shots or written detail ?

amount of characters.
I will only pick one person x