Special Art for your story ( CHOOSEN )

first I only want to know what your scene should look like & then I’ll see if I want to do it & maybe pick you x

Ah thanks for explaining :heart:

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Okay well I would want my main character on her knees crying with masacara falling down her face ,with blood on her hands and a bit on her face .
Hopefully it’s not to detailed and if you accept it of course

if you can. i’d like one.

a girl holding a gun to the screen

skin: caramel
nose: eleven
mouth: classic taupe
hair: fishtail braid black
eyes: round bold taupe


scene: an art scene of a boy and girl (superheroes) like really close and it looks really intense. and his hand is on her cheek.

how many: 2 characters

title: i don’t have one yet, i haven’t published it, but i will tell you when I do!

Hi, could I reserve my spot?

Can i get one?

Tell me about the scene you would like & i’ll see if I want to do it x

what should your scene look like?
Then I’ll see if I want to do it. x

I’ll pm you the details tomorrow, I’m busy studying pharmacy.
Thanks! :3

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A little girl who has her head in her knees and her hair is covering her face.
Story name: Second best (not published)

Can I DM you on insta?

sure x

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I’ll message you privately. About the details, and ink characters! Thanks. :heart:

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Hi! Is this still open @larax?

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