Special Art Pictures plz :)

Anyone willing to create some special art pictures for my story?? I’ll give you the details if you are willing to help!

Is there like a website or app you can use to make special art? If so, please recommend the link or app!


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Hey!! I would be glad to help, but these my rules:

  1. I only do digital art. (I can still add Episode characters, and do pictures)
  2. Don’t waste my time, and USE my art please <3.
  3. Be polite, and don’t rage if I do wrong, I’d be glad to do it countless times. People usually don’t like to he first drawing :wink:
    Claire <3
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Omg thank you!! I would truly appreciate it!!

Ok awesome

WHats the description?

It’s about a 18 year old girl who is a mom of a one month old girl. She meets these two guys at school, and she seems to fall in love with them. She also has a friend named Kira who has an older brother named Paul, and she falls in love with him. She wants to figure out which man would be the best father to her baby and which one she is truly in love with

Sounds good! How would you like the cover? Maybe, tell me how the characters look like and I’ll try to make something? Like, with the MC in the middle, (her emotion) and on the right and left: boys (with emotions too). Tell me where you want the title, I don’t know your Instagram?
With Love,

Here’s one of the boys

Here’s a second boy

Here’s the third boy

Here’s the main character

I love your example! I would like the title towards the bottom please, and could you have the characters stay in their clothes besides put the girl in black clothes please? I don’t have a current episode instagram, but my current instagram is @ava.nichole_19


Ok sounds good!!

Whats the title?

Thank you!

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: