Special art scence needed


Hey guys. I would like a 2 special art scenes.
The first one

Can they be dressed in there current outfits if possible
Pose : Them kissing on a bed like this (but fully clothed)
2nd one

Can they be dressed in current outfits if possible
Pose kissing like this
Thank u
EDIT : Update! I no longer need art for the first one. Sorry :frowning: If you have already started, then I will us your artwork as cover art


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Hi! If you still need one, I’m currently attempting one… no promises though! And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it!


Would you like a specific background? I’m done with the drawing


This is for the second art scene btw


Thank you so much that’s really kind of you. For the second one, can it be INT. CLASSIC LIVING ROOM - DAY in the art catalogue? If you can. Thank you so much!



Omg that looks amazing!


That is so amazing thank you so much!


Thank you! Both of you for your sweet compliments!