Special art scene artist needed!

Hello pretty loves! :yellow_heart:

i need a ( or more if i can’t choose!) special art scene artist!
I really want them as realistically possible!
What i had in mind is that you’ll make art scene’s when i need them! (And of course you’ll get creadits for everything!)

If you’re interested, please comment down below and please send an example with it!

Thank You In Advance!

xoxo may! :yellow_heart:


I can do it?

do you have examples?

Only one but it’s not that realistic bc the author wanted it simple. xx

I can do more complicated and realistic ones x

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I don’t have any other examples bc I never thought I’d need them again lol

Can you? :sweat_smile: Cause i really need that…

Sure! I’ll start tomorrow cause I need my beauty sleep lol :laughing::sweat_smile:

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Omg sorry, its morning in holland… see you :sweat_smile:


I would highly suggest @Raybadem, she is awsome and talented

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