Special Art Scene Artist - Needed



So I’m looking for an artist that would do a special art scene in Story of Evil - Stained Memories, the scene is where Marcella meets her husband, Cepheus, a slave for the first time after he gets her out of the way of a run-away carriage due to some boys thought it was funny to spook the horses. It’s where he’s holding her to get her out of the way and they meet eyes for the first time.

Also, I’m sorry but I don’t have a PayPal to pay for you. But I will give credit to you in the story. :slight_smile:

Now here’s the description of Marcella and Cepheus:

Hair: Classic Bob (Blonde)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Thin Curved
Eyes: Upturn Bold (Blue)
Nose: Celestial
Mouth: Full Round (Bubblegum Pink)
Body: Fair
Dress: Light Purpled Victorian Dress


I think a little more detail would be needed. Like information about the background, what the male character is wearing and such. Or what pose you’re imagining.
I’m quite new to digital art and might not be able to offer what you’re looking for, but I played around with your characters and made an example pose.

Pose example

If this is what you are looking for I could try to color it and edit a background. But you could also look a different (more experienced) artist to color that outline for you if you want to keep that pose.


That pose looks great


Hey^^ I kind of colored everything and put a background in. If you like it you may use it, if you don’t like it I’m sorry for butchering your characters :sweat_smile: hope you find the perfect art scene for your story^^



Ah! Yes, sorry that I didn’t respond to you sooner. Been really busy but I do like the pose you gave them and as for the background I was thinking of the Spanish Townsquare for the background and that is the pose I was looking for.

I alos loved the colored version! Don’t worry if you butchered what they look like I don’t mind.