Special art Scene Artsist Needed!


I need someone to make me special art scenes. Preferably the ones like those used in BroZoned and others. But I might settle for styles close to that. Hope someone can help. Thanks!


I love to help


Send the details


I could help if you’re interested =)
I’ve made scenes like this before.


Would you like to join our group were looking for more people if you would like to go here https://discord.gg/SJ5PhPb


I’m okay right now, but thank you for the offer :two_hearts:


That is really nice and I’d be interested in that type of style! But before I just choose you, I’d like to see if anyone else answers if that’s okay with you?


That’s completely fine! I’m definitely not the best at this :sweat_smile:


go here Episode Helpers here to help 😁


I can help too!
The latest art scene I made :point_down:


I’d also like to know how to make special art scenes, what should I do?