Special Art Scene (CLOSED)

Since I’m doing art scenes again, I wanna help some of you out.
Don’t get mad if I won’t pick you, but I’m only doing the ones I’m in the mood for, so please tell me what exactly you have in mind.

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I’m not sure if you will be able to help me, but I’m planning on publishing a series of short stories next year and am looking for someone willing to do art work for it

I’m extremely nervous because nobody wants to help me and those who said they would don’t get back to me

I’m not sure what to do now

Do you do limelight?

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I want to ask if you can do this pose before I request it, may you be able to do one where I guy is standing behind his pregnant wife, with his hands on her bump, from behind like hugging her, and her hands on her bump too?

Hi i want to ask if you do LL and if yes can you draw the pose where the man hugs the woman and they look happy?

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I’m sorry, I’m not doing it atm

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Sorry I don’t, only INK atm

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So you would need someone who would do many art scenes & for a longer time?


I’m looking for someone who is willing to help me out with all my art work as I don’t trust easily and write a lot of stories

I’m currently writing 1 long story and 5 short stories

Okay, thank you!

oh I’m sorry, I will only have time for it atm, in less than a month I won’t have much time anymore to do many art

That’s ok

To be honest I have been looking for someone to help me out for so long

I’ll just keep looking

Thanks anyway

Hey could I request for an art scene? I need one of a male character sitting at a restaurant. Should I send details if you will do it?

sure, send me the details.
also a little more specific on how you want to have it?

Hi would you be able to do a art scene for me with the MC standing in the center with like powers all around her?

Charcacter details
skin: TAN
brows: medium sharp
hair: cropped - chestnut
face: defined triangle
nose: button
lips: uneven - terracotta
eyes: stoic almond - blue
Tattoos on left arm.

that’s the character.

so you want him to have him that face expression and that pose he’s in the picture?
& also these clothes?

yes i want him to have the same face expression and post, along with his clothes :slight_smile: How long will it take?

I can’t tell you exact but i’ll try to do it as fast as possible, so maybe even later today or tomorrow :relieved:

alright :slight_smile: