Special Art Scene Needed for Story (contest)



Deadline: June 16 2018
I need an edit of these holding hands for my story and I will pick the best one. I will also mention and shout you out on my Instagram and the story itself. Have fun.


@Annaliese_Clairemont you should try this… you are good at that


I’ll try.


I can try, is this rear or front?


I am gonna try, how long can we take?


Heres what I did:

The edit

Btw this is just an overlay

I can put a background so you cannot just add the overlay thats more than 1mb


I have tried! Holding hands is the hardest thing to draw!
What kind of background do you want? Or do you want it so it can be used as an overlay?


Thats so cool!!
What do you use to edit xD


Yours looks awesome as well!
For this I only used paint 3d and word (for clearing the background)


Cool <3


Hope u like it


How are you people so good!?


I’m so proud of all the @EpisodeStudio members who tried for this!!! Way to go ladies!!! Awesome jobs!!!