Special Art Scene Needed for Story (contest)

Deadline: June 16 2018
I need an edit of these holding hands for my story and I will pick the best one. I will also mention and shout you out on my Instagram and the story itself. Have fun.

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@annaclaire721 you should try this… you are good at that

I’ll try.

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I can try, is this rear or front?

Heres what I did:

The edit

Btw this is just an overlay

I can put a background so you cannot just add the overlay thats more than 1mb

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Thats so cool!!
What do you use to edit xD

Cool <3

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Hope u like it


How are you people so good!?

I’m so proud of all the @EpisodeStudio members who tried for this!!! Way to go ladies!!! Awesome jobs!!!