(Special) Art Scene Required Please!


It’s your boy, Days and I have an art scene in mind for my eighth episode.

Mindy wakes up admiring Derek and he wakes up to find her looking at him like this!

Here’s some context/info:

pose lay_unformtable_awake

This is pose she will be in but she will make this face

Pose (end of yawn_bored)

I know I am asking a lot, I am so so sorry! :sob:



Eyes: Upturned Feline - Taupe
Hair: Beach Wave Hair - Chestnut Brown
Skin tone: Caramel
Nose: Upturned
Face Shape: Oval
Brows: Defined Natural
Mouth: Classic - Ruby Red


Further details:

She is laying on a bed which will be provided is this (courtesy of smilla.episode)

However, I want the picture to be zoomed in please like in the above example where she is awake and the background to be blurred so only the bed is visible Mindy is lying on is visible.

I want to thank you in advance if you do this pain in the ass of an art scene.


Hey mama! I can dooo it!


Thank you my child! Do you need any more details?


I can try and do this too.


This a 1v1 frost lol


Haha thank you - I would love to see some examples of your work please and @killerfrost my child, would love to see your examples too!


A little additional comment - Mindy’s hair is a bit messy as she just woke up haha


IMG_20180621_191109_834 IMG_20180621_191109_833 IMG_20180615_122753_061 IMG_20180613_231822_419


This looks professional but I’m not.


Ooh gosh I love it!


Thanks my love, you’ve made Mindy look stunning.


Thank you!


Give my insta a credit thanks! iunique_edits


I bet your art scene going to look nice.


Will do :heart::sparkling_heart:


Okay mama, I will send it to you right now!

Check this out


Please girl, you are UNIQUE! (SEE what I did there? :joy:…no? Okay)


Woop, and scrooolll.


Heh. Your ON!


I see what you did lol. :joy:


Awesome thanks :heart::heart: