Special Art Scene & Splashes & Covers Request Thread [Open]

Come on and send requests in now!!

Special Art Scenes


Background Edits

Charcacter Edits

I do character edits, splashes, cover requests, and backgrounds.

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Hey can you please design me a cover. My insta is scarlett.stories. Please check your DM’s


Come on people.

Hey, I’d love a splash please :smile:

A “Thanks for Reading” one - and I’ll PM you details if you like


Hey can I pm you and ask you to do a splash for me?

@most_savage your stuff is amazing you should really enter this https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/fun-in-the-sun-art-scene-contest/41009?u=em_episode

Can You Make Me Cover Art?


Hi! Was wondering if you are still available to make a cover and background for my story.


Sorry for such a late response, but should I inform you of the details here or should I message you privately.

Private would be Fine.

Can I have an art scene


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Details are

Skin tone: Tan

Brows: Medium Sharp

Hair: Boy Bun

Eyes: Round piercing Eye Color: Taupe

Face: Defined Triangle

Nose: Button

Lips: Uneven Color: Toffee



And can This be the Background

And can he be Wearing a Towel And can there be water On him?

Lol Sorry Nm