Special Art Scene & Splashes & Covers Request Thread [Open]


Come on and send requests in now!!

Special Art Scenes


Background Edits

Charcacter Edits

I do character edits, splashes, cover requests, and backgrounds.

Whos talented?!?!

Hey can you please design me a cover. My insta is scarlett.stories. Please check your DM’s




Come on people.


Hey, I’d love a splash please :smile:

A “Thanks for Reading” one - and I’ll PM you details if you like




Hey can I pm you and ask you to do a splash for me?


@most_savage your stuff is amazing you should really enter this Fun In The Sun ART SCENE CONTEST!


Can You Make Me Cover Art?




Hi! Was wondering if you are still available to make a cover and background for my story.




Sorry for such a late response, but should I inform you of the details here or should I message you privately.


Private would be Fine.


Can I have an art scene




Details are

Skin tone: Tan

Brows: Medium Sharp

Hair: Boy Bun

Eyes: Round piercing Eye Color: Taupe

Face: Defined Triangle

Nose: Button

Lips: Uneven Color: Toffee




And can This be the Background


And can he be Wearing a Towel And can there be water On him?


Lol Sorry Nm