Special digital art needed. Willing to pay


Hi, I need a special art partner throughout the story. Please, show your example and tell me how much it would cost. I am looking for an art that looks professional and realistic.


Episode harmony can we do it free


How much are you willing to pay? I know some people :blush:


We can do it! It will be free!


Hello! Commissions aren’t really done here on the forums, so if you are looking for a high quality standard of art and you are willing to pay, I would actually recommend looking on instagram. I am not really an artist myself, but I do have some people from instagram that I would definitely recommend for your cover. So let me know if you would like some recommendations.


nopaks_artist takes commissions and they are really good! Check them out on ig! I’ll be happy to recommend more if you want!


@aprill, you have done the cover for me, don’t you remember. This thread is for special art scenes)


@TheTurtleTrainer, thank you! I iked his/her works on Insta. If you could recommend more, that would be great!


@EpisodeGirl no idea, honestly, that’s why when I opened my thread I asked people to give details about the rates and the examples. I think the amount can be determined on individua basis. Please, recommend some people, if you know. Thank you)


Do you have Instagram?


Thank you, but it is more than one scene and it will be required over a period of time. Are you ready to commit? I would also need to see the examples of your work. And just if you didn’t notice, I’m not looking for edits, but for real digital art or something like that)




Hehe let me find accounts.


Thank you! It’s such a nice offer. Very kind of you! I have looked through the examples available on your page, and, unfortunately, they do not fit the idea I have in mind for my special scenes. Sorry) They are not bad in any way, I just want the art scenes to look nothing like episode ink or limelight style characters, but to look like real people.


Hahaha :joy::joy: My bad! Of course I remember (your cover was pretty unique). If you still need those recommendations, @nasherr.epi does requests for free on instagram plus a few others (you just need to keep an eye out for when they open). And then there’s the amazing art groups that take requests from time to time, some good ones are @episode.luxe @episodeaxiom and @epy.horchata. These are all free, a lot of other artists will take commissions for pretty affordable prices.