Special scene art/ Cover art maker

Do you mean drawn, because I can’t do that. I only do edits, Backgrounds, overlays, covers and splashes

Oh okay then can you make me splashes?

Sure, could you pm me about it

Hey I need some back rounds for my new story Back Road Home. I need a title page etc.

Could you send your request here?

Hi anaradall, how do we add those special scenes to the story.

hi i am currently working on my first story i’m on episode 3 and i am in the process of finally publishing it but i need some cover art and i don’t want to publish without having cover art do you think you can help me out and make me some cover art? please i would very highly appreciate it

Could you make some cover art?
Email me : ginadoolan2006@gmail.com

@mariiini could do it check out my thread here

If anyone still needs cover art and/or art scenes I could make them for you. If you have instagram message me there please my instagram is megantinista.episode. Otherwise you can pm me here :blush:.

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Could you make a cover for me please

Are you asking me?

CK_artdesign does not do special art scenes for Episode, they are only purchasable for Miss Monarch. The artwork CK sells is for real life portraits.


Yes could you I’m in need of a cover please

If you’re in need of a cover, splash, art science, edit, or review… @Episode-Royalty can help!


I send you a pm!

Hello! I was wondering if any of you can make a cover for me? I would appreciate it!

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Wait, do you have to pay?

Hey I’m writing a story I want to know if you could do a cover for me plealse if its not to much. :relaxed::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: