Special scene art needed

Hi there!
So, I need some special (kind of) steamy scene art for my upcoming story “the dangers between us” it will involve 2 characters a boy and a girl, pictures of them are at the link at the very bottom of this forum. In it I want the MC (CAMILLA) to be looking awkward/shy/uncomfortable while DAVION is holding her by her hip and using the tip of his gun to push a loose strand of her hair back, doesn’t matter how there dressed as long as i can correspond it with something in episodes clothing. Background needs to be in the alley way. I’ll credit you on both Instagram and episode, also you can put your name on the photo in the corner or something. If you think you can do this, or do it with a few tweaks please let me know. I know I’m asking a lot. I don’t need it asap it can wait like 2-3 weeks.

Characters/ Details;

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