Special scene, cover page, designer for cover

Hey guys wassup :wave:t4: Have ever read any one of those episode stories, and there’s a part where you are granted to see a special scene, is it possible if someone can help me on that?

Do you mean the Gem scenes? :gem:
I can help with that. It uses basic choices, gains and if/else commands.

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Do you mean like bonus scenes? If so, this tutorial might help you:

Thanks you so much guys… I was wondering if someone can assist me with creating a cover page pretty please.:sob:

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What style?

Is it possible to have it in this graphic style?

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I don’t know how to do that

Ouch! Ok , in what way do U think i can have it done then?

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By style I mean Ink, LL or classic?

I’m so sorry @SkyM I’m new to episode, i’m not really sure what the style are like. :sweat_smile:

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Would it be possible to give me some examples of these are like?

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yep, one sec!

the top one is INK the bottom one is in LL

Nice, okay what’s Classic? :smiley:

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Uhhhh, I don’t have a classic character, but give me one sec

No prob sure.

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credit to whoever made @/line123462’s pfp

I prefer LL…:rofl: I like that one.

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is that the style your story is in?