Special scenes, covers, characters - what you need?

I’m offering some special scenes and covers for those who interested!
My friend and I, are doing some digital art work (mostly my friend, but I’m helping!!)
We’re open for requests and the only thing we want exchange is - to read my stories :slight_smile: (not all, if you’re not interested, but just give them a try)
email: raniksa.episode@gmail.com

I’ve got four stories published, 3 completed :slight_smile:

RETURNS: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4770926761213952 - - currently working on season 2
This is my newest story and I can say it’s the most ‘advanced’?, yeah, sounds about right
Main theme is:
Main character is coming back to her hometown. There’s a reason for it.
That’s it.
If you’re interested- go for it. (no aliens, no zombies, no mystery - accept why is she back.- it’s a ‘simple’ romance, I currently work on season 2, there’ll be 3 seasons - at the end you choose - )

ALL ABOUT SHARON: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4575103037472768 1
It is based on an old cartoon BRACEFACE , which I loved so much! It’s my own twist on what could have happened later, few years later
Main theme:
You’re around the same people for years, you’re in the same relationship for years, but something isn’t right. IT IS (which is said in ep1) about loosing virginity and about emotions with this topic, -important- you choose at the end

FOOLISH GAMES: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6704792610275328
It’s kind of spin off on LOVE SWING, (it is connected, but it’s not necessary to read love swing to be aware what’s going on in Foolish games) ; main character is simply confused, and her life is getting pretty much twisted during all episodes (that’s my longest story, more than 60 chapters) - the thing you need to know- you choose at the end

LOVE SWING: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4912255201443840 1
*** Love swing is my first story- so I’m warning in advance that there’s a lot of mistakes, with kissing and hugging, I didn’t know how to use layers, zones, zooms - it’s really basic, but the story might interest you.
The main thing is going on with a poem/song - in your dream,
and I know, my directing was bad, but hey, that was my first story ever, I wasn’t aware of zooms, of possibility of placing your characters, about transition- so it is BASIC! (with a lot of mistakes, as back then, when I was writing it, I was thinking that when I’m writing kissing scene, episode app is doing all placing. yeah, I know, don’t judge. I might fix those problems sooner or later, but story is quite interesting and it’s my favourite from all I wrote)

My dear friend is making my chapter covers and all covers in general, she is working on some special scenes too. She is happy to help you guys with covers if you want her too, she agreed to do so to help me promote my stories :slight_smile:

Sooo, if you were brave enough to read all , what I wrote, those are some things we’ve made lately

(portraits are from my story RETURNS, chapter covers too)

*** If you want to msg me or email me,

  1. if you want a cover based on your chacarcers - send me all the details - clothing, skins, lip shape, eyes shape (I can put it together on my own, but mini photo won’t work for us… - so if you can’t do a screenshots - give me the details (colours and all).
  2. if you want a special scene : we’re not working on a dream : give me some example photos, please! We can not work on info like: i want my characters kissing. ( soo, but… I need to have something to work with, so give me your characters details and few example photos. If I can google, you can google [and make sure you’re googling LARGE pictures, not like 200x200px, ok? it is YOUR SCENE after all, you need to look it up, not me, ok?)
  3. We’re working in our own style.
    I’ve read:
    -The teacher
    -The BroZoned (still on)
    -The enchantress
    SO NO, we can’t make it look like special scenes like that
    We’re still learning, we’re still making progress with our digital work, so maybe, one day
    right now? HELL NO! If you want special scenes like that- ask the artist who make those.
    4.Me and my friend are working full time, so we’re not doing art work all day long, waiting for you to email us, sometimes it can take day or two, sometimes it can take two weeks. It all depends on what details you’ll give us,
    please, do not email me while saying - that we can do something for you, and then
    -you can promote my story
    -I can put my name on art work (if you like it)
    -You’ve already read like 100 of my chapters, all the stories, and now I HAVE TO do your scene…(screenshots, I’m not asking you to love my story, I’m asking you to check it out, read 5 episodes, let me know if you like it, or why you don’t - *** I love honesty, so if you don’t like it and have your reasons you can give , I’ll be more than honored to make your special scene!)
    -, OH PLEASE!
    I know we can,and we will if you’ll be nice to us. (me, RANIKSA, I’m getting all the shitty emails thou :frowning: )
    If we want to put artist name on the art scene/cover - please let us now, that you want it deleted. Please, do not erase it without our knowladge. It’s just hurtful, as in our previous post, we asked for 5 reads [of any of my stories…)]

Ok, I think that’s it.
I know it’s much
But please,
and if you’re intersted - reply



I am interested in a special cover art, can we pm to talk about it? I have all of my ideas and some reference pictures ready.

Msg me here or on my email :slight_smile: more happy to help !

I need someone to help me with making special scenes for my upcoming story “Submerged Souls.”
If you would be interested. please let me know here or on my Instagram: @anie_writes_
You’d get all the credit.
Thanks in advance! :grin:

Hi are you still open? I could use a cover for my new story if you’re willing :slight_smile:

Hey I would love for you guys do make two scenes for me. Is it okay if I pm you since that’s easier or do you want email?

we’re doing scenes for reads of my story RETURNS, so i would screenshots and all the details for your scenes
let me know!


sure, just give me the details! xox

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thanks i emailed you :slight_smile:

I need a special art scene can I pm you about the details?

Is this still open? I am in need of an art scene

Please email me!

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Please email me!

k thanks

Hi!!! I emailed you! Would love to hear back, just letting you know.

I got quite few emails today hah, :wink: I replied on every email I got so let me know if you got my reply . If you don’t get the reply, please sent your email again!

Still doing?
I would need an cover art :slight_smile: