Special themed backgrounds needed along with an overlay

hey ik this will kinda be unusual but im in the need of dark academia themed school backgrounds. campus, classrooms, cafeteria, all of them. And also if anyone can help with me searching for a dragon overlay (who’s sitting down and flying- basically 2 overlays)

I think u can find dark theme school or academy bgs in @/catthegirl on instagram! (In her free drive… ig…)

and I dont know where to find the dragons overlay lol…

I found these dragons, if any are the wrong colour I can edit them for you :))



I’ll check them out then, thank you:))

They’re perfect! Tysm:))

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heyy just wondering if these are from pinterest because i saw these backgrounds in pinterest/ google these backgrounds CANNOT be used as most of them are COPYRIGHTED and hence ILLEGAL to use… i suggest using sites like pexels or unsplash for backgrounds