Special zoom help

How do you make that zoom where the characters seem to be going to the side and it focus on a certain one? Sorry if I’m not explaining it well.


You mean when it looks like if the camera fallows certain character?

If so you simply use walking pan and zoom command together.
&CHAR walks to spot # # #in zone # in #AND CHAR does it while #walkinganimation
&pan to zone # in #
@ zoom ### in #

You have to play with times sometimes to make it smooth or sometimes ad pause on one of the lines.

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&pan to zone 1 in T
@Character walks to position T

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Hi everyone! Can someone help me how to make shadows in episode?

you have to create another topic. can I PM you though? I can help

Hi @AlexandraD!
Of course you can Pm me! I really appreciate your help!

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No, it’s not that. It’s when you have a scene with some people and then the zoom starts focusing on a person and it looks like everyone else is “going to the side”.

I don’t understand. How does that work?


You just walk the other persons to side but you use idle animation instead of walking so it looks like thay slide to side.

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Yeah, kind of like that. Not exactly, but it’s kind of that.

From your description it is exactly this.:thinking: If you mean something different you have to be more specific.

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here is an example:

&zoom reset
&CHAR spot 0.884 159 190 AND CHAR moves to layer 0 AND CHAR faces right AND CHAR is think_rubchin
&CHAR1 spot 1.280 110 0 AND CHAR1 moves to layer 1 AND CHAR1 faces right AND CHAR1 is listen_nod_happy_loop
&CHAR2 spot 1.380 210 0 AND CHAR2 moves to layer 2 AND CHAR2 faces left AND CHAR2 is talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop
@pause for 1
&zoom on 161 379 to 354% in 5
&CHAR1 walks to spot 1.280 20 0 in 5 AND CHAR1 does it while listen_nod_happy_loop AND CHAR1 faces right
@CHAR2 walks to spot 1.380 300 0 in 5 AND CHAR2 does it while talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop AND CHAR2 faces left
@speechbubble is 160 125 to 100%
Who is that?

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Thank you! I’ll try to do it.:blush:

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